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        1.   百鲜是一个以远洋渔捞,生产制造,低温仓储物流,连锁餐饮及内外销为核心的国际性企业,总管理处设立于台湾高雄,专司各类水产品及相关餐饮食材的营销业务。自创立至今,努力开创自有品牌,强化产品研发并积极构筑海内外之营销基地与通路,进而提升广泛的产品供应链并有效进行产业的垂直整合,强化公司整体竞争能力。



            We are an international enterprise and main core in import and export which included in pelagic fishing , cold storages , chain restaurants and operate processing plants . The headquarters is established in Taiwan Kaohsiung . We are specialized in promoting sales variety of marine products and relative products .

            Since the foundation until now , we make effort in creating own brand , development of product and we are also enthusiastic in building the station route of domestic and foreign country to increase supply chain of product extensively . We establish 4 organizations of produce and storage , 3 organizations of promotion , 8 offices are spread and chain restaurants . At present , the annual quantity of sale is up to 50,000 tons and the total storage capacity of relative enterprise is up to 20,000 tons .

            The main items are squid . Pacific Saury . Oil fish . Mackerel….etc . As well as varieties of prepared food , surimi goods and baked pastries . We keep in specialized management , best quality , service-oriented , spirit of honest operation and goal as well as further to approach the goal of the specialized supplier of international food ingredients products .